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Reviews for "Super Pico AllStars"


sweet flash ya got here. its like a mix of mortal kombat and pico's school.

oh and to people who finish the game, wait for the credits to stop then there will be a bonus fight against the ghettobot guy at the end.
beating him unlocks cassandra and convict for the arcade mode and for convict, the jump kick makes you look like the uber kid, ormal kick makes you look like pico, jump punch makes you look like cassandra, and normal punch makes you look like darnell.

keep making good flash plz

this was amazing.

I beat story mode and got the missing characters for practice and Arcade mode. you did good setting up this game, but there's 1 problem. You orgot to add a button that blocks damage, along with a button designed to use special moves.


the secret chars are convict and cassandra

docela dobrÃ-

I really love the audio for this game! The gameplay could use some work, perhaps combos and rounds, but what the gameplay lacks is compensated for in the audio and visuals.