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Reviews for "Super Pico AllStars"

wont load


tactic to beat every boss, jump kick

I'm not a fan of fighting games however when I heard so much great stuff about Pico, I was interested. However when I played it, I found the controls to be annoying. I like to control the character using W, A, S and D however this game uses the arrow keys as the control method which can get annoying. On top of that, Z and X being the attack buttons was annoying and made my arm hurt after a while due to how close my hands were from the keyboard to my body at all times. The Difficulty wasn't too bad as I was able to beat it with only one death but I do feel like for most of the game I was just button mashing and hoping that I would hit the characters. I beat the entire story mode however I don't see myself playing the game again (In Story Mode, at least). Overall, a pretty mediocre game. It has some fun fights but at some points can feel like I'm just teadiously button mashing.

It's a shame this was given such a poor rating because people can't handle abit of challenge, i thought it was pretty fun