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Reviews for "Weebl and Bob : CSI"

Good job!

Although there are all those catigories I normally rate mainly on the scripting and the actual quality of the lines and how funny or dramatic it is.

You definatly excelled at that so well done and as you may know form annother of my reviews you are one of my fave authors.

Anyway the violence, graphics and sound were really good anyway so there are complaints form me.

I can't think of anything in particular to improveon so very well done!

Have a Nice Day!

I love it

That was great how you took those damn jokes that asshole always does on CSI, the only part that was different was that you're jokes were actually funny. now I just need to watch the other ones.

Nice spoof to mix things up a bit

The funniest weebl & bob Ive seen in a while, great stuff. Nice parody of Horatio as well. Shame you submitted it on this Pico day thing though, it might go less noticed than usual on here...

Haha I loved it.

It was really good, nice work. I'm a big fan of CSI and this made me laugh. Great stuff man, I liked the jokes in it and the "Pie ami" bit :)

Weebl makes the puns...

Loads of jokes involved. Saw this on the official site first though...
Can you upload more?