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Reviews for "Weebl and Bob : CSI"


How didn't this make at least a daily 1st? Its funny stuff man! Everyone I've seen below me gave it a 10!


LOL! That was amazingly funny! Loved the The Who joke.
"It looks like he met... A sticky end"
"Would you stop that!"
Love this serious. Wish I could vote 17.

Ah, I havn't laughed that much since...

...about 2 minutes ago when I watched goo-lien.

Excellent, especially loved the Who joke, who doesn't love the Who? Loved it, great work, as usual, keep it up!

this is the...

funny-flash-animation-of-Weeble-&-Bob -meets-CSI-Miami

You definately are onto something with these...

I thought the Reservoir dogs was funnier...I'm dreadfully sorry that I won't be giving this one 11/10 like the "Reservoir Dogs" parody. Your ego and skills will have to make do with this paltry 10/10 and 5/5...

Terribly Sorry.