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Reviews for "Weebl and Bob : CSI"


its true they do that too many times


Holy shit i rofled, no further comment
Its to awesome to make a criticizing review


A complete epic.........SUCCESS! Totally hilarious. Keep it UP!


Weebl and Bob are he best

The Who, \m/ \m/

ROCK! This is a very funny episode. Lots of jokes, even though they were puns that anyone could see a mile away, they're still great. Personally I would've loved to see a Weebl and Bob : CSI while The Who is playing throughout. Like a half an episode of CSI: MIAMI or maybe CSI: NY, or just CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

ROCK ON MAN!!! Excellent idea to use The Who's "Won't Get Fooled Again" but of course it is a spoof of CSI: MIAMI. How'd you get the show footage into flash anyway?

Overall this is funny and it kicked ass.