Reviews for "Pico's Blam Jam"


not my favorite pico game. There isnt really a story line and its SOOOO hard to beat without the cheat codes but its too easy with them. Idk maybe make it possible to beat it without cheat codes


the cheatcodes were great and ithink you shound make it a little bi t better


i loved it espessially god mode!

plz reply

weird i noticed that wen u play sfb arena theirs a sort of glitch wen i played it i already won can u fix that i dont know if it will work on anyone elses but i no it might work on my pc

I just wanted to let you know, there's a bug

In the bonus SFB arena level, if you do multiplayer, the player 2 controls will eventually control player 1. It's a great game though. Didn't see the Blam Cannon coming. (Warning spoiler!) I did not see Link as the Boy Scout coming!