Reviews for "Newgrounds Joyride 2007"

what is that???

looked quite lol. <- have no other word to say

O.o woah, never seen him so happy

heh this was a really unique pico flash, i too felt this was gunna suck at first however as i watched it got way better... and weirder. but still weird is good if it's good to be weird, and i for one like it.
lol and i feel the best pic was definatly Darnells face even tho it was there for a split second, and the very ending.
Overall great job, this is goin in my faves :D

=)) WOW

i like it. i thought it was going to be crapy at the begining but it turned itself around and i loved it. cool!


Wow this is so fast and cool. can you make a second? because at the and you see him breaking out.


maybe a little bit too "awesome"

the drawings were bleh

the colors were awesome

nene looked like she was 70