Reviews for "Newgrounds Joyride 2007"


u make pico look so freakin stupied

Sqeezy responds:

i dont give a, keep lookin at my, cuz it dont mean a thing if ya lookin at my, imma do my thing while ya playin with ya, harharharhharhajrbsakf sa,dgwetwqb

A visual treat

Perplexing style, wonderful music, and plenty of NG themed refrences.


but why does everyone exept pico look old

that was funny as!

that was wicked lol i dont quite get what he was doing though lol but i liked the animation in some places where it looked realistic lol it is a bit weird but i am too lol so great job 10/10 & 5/5 i wish i could give you more!

Wow amazing

It is so entertaining to see virtually all famous NG icons involving in this flash.

I hope you can make more with your style