Reviews for "Newgrounds Joyride 2007"

Awesome movie

Really great movie you made here. The Newgrounds references were really well done. Great job on that part. A great addition to the Pico Day collection. Anyway, onto the main part of the review.

Awesome graphics, very well animated too. Very fluid and the pace was good.

This flash has a ton of style. I've watched it 5 times or so by the time this review is done.

I love the song you chose. Very upbeat and happy sounding. Perfect for a flash like this.

I'd put a mini description for the rest of the scores, but not too much to say about them. So I'll wrap it up here. All in all, a very awesome display of stunning flash work. I hope to see more great flashes like this one from you. Keep up the great work.

Great :D

Wow, this flash is really great, there's a lot going on in it, no talking but a nice amount of animtion, I like the way everything is drawn and animated, I also like how you have added populare newgrounds creations in with this flash, I thought that was pritty good.

The music in the flash was great and went well, I liked it, also it in some way reminded me of a game I have played, lol. The music was good and when somthing happend, it changed, that was great.

Everything here was really great, some of the effects you used too and the way some of the things where animated, especilly at the end, the ending was nice, it wasn't a bad ending either as it so could have been.

So overall, a very happy and cheerful flash here, it's one of the best ones I have seen all day and there are a lot of good ones today. This looks like it took quite a lot of time to draw, especilly if it's all frame by frame.

Really good job, look forward to seeing more animations by you :)

Keep it up.



some hot fbf work right there

the animations went perfect with tthe song, i barely got half of it but meh it was awesome