Reviews for "Newgrounds Joyride 2007"

Did I hear...

...The Slits in the music mixed in somehow? Either way...good job.


I dont really know to grade this but what I ahve to say that it was really random though it was enjoyable


That was great. Funny how Pico did a :3 face. but seriously what kind of drugs are you doing?


Fun to watch. I liked the style of the artistry. Pretty cool stuff.


ok first it was good congrats on 4th place but why did you kill (or almost kill) alot of my fav stuff on newground like the cat from there she is or salad fingers bitie ect. but you added the dad from dads home and block-head but still good

Sqeezy responds:

How does jumping on ones head equals to killing someone?

Besides Pico is more superior than all of those.