Reviews for "Newgrounds Joyride 2007"


This was a nice submission to watch, it was fluent and a lot of fun to watch too. The graphics were smooth and detailed and it was cool to see this new style taken upon him. Not only that, but the greatness in the submission in terms of entertainment reached levels far beyond anything I have ever seen before. Good work, I enjoyed it.


No way you can't admit you were on something when creating this animation :)

Was a great laugh and well worth watching. Keep up the hilarious work. :D

very nice

very uh unique animation. also a little on the crazy side. dodint understand it butt. twaz brilliant. :P

all there

it had references (of EVERYTHING!!! from Madness to Brackenwood to Dad n Me to Tankmen to Blockhead to Clock Crew) it also had great animation and (not sure if everyone knows what song it's a remix of) a good song for this kind of movie

the face close-ups were unacceptably creepy (especially Nene), so u get only 9/10 but still 5/5


ok..um...yea....intresting to say the least...