Reviews for "Drip Drip"


Maybe it's because it's pretty late at night here and I'm kinda tired/sleepy, but this thing creeped me out a bit. So, if that was your goal, then congrats. If not, then congrats anyway. :)

sexysexybicycle responds:

It was late at night when I made this, and I was kinda tired/sleepy too, so you're viewing it in exactly the right context.

ill have some of what your smoking

it is indeed weird

This is just my opinion, but....

I think things like this should be put in a group called 'mindfuck' or something like that. Just a place for strange and/or rather meaningless videos to be put.

Either way, its just plain wierd, but I liked it. 7/10

Heh. It might be the music, but...

...that totally seems like it could be the video for some other reality's "Ringu" movie.

Now, will I die in an alternate reality in 7 days? If I do I'm blaming it on you.

freakin cool

i liked the creepyness of it and the fact that it was in a doodle form like you just sat down and expiremented