Reviews for "Drip Drip"


Very, very strange.

Not bad for doodles

I enjoyed it, very trippy. Good stuff, now I dont have to go buy some acid. Thanks!


Maybe it's because it's pretty late at night here and I'm kinda tired/sleepy, but this thing creeped me out a bit. So, if that was your goal, then congrats. If not, then congrats anyway. :)

sexysexybicycle responds:

It was late at night when I made this, and I was kinda tired/sleepy too, so you're viewing it in exactly the right context.

Most wouldn't understand this, but...

Looks like something you threw together when you wanted to kill something.. To the best of my analysis a raw expression of some unexplainable emotion which just so happened to make a very intriguing piece of flash art, but that's just me ^.^'

Heh. It might be the music, but...

...that totally seems like it could be the video for some other reality's "Ringu" movie.

Now, will I die in an alternate reality in 7 days? If I do I'm blaming it on you.