Reviews for "Drip Drip"


emm..it was a little perturbing..but it was nice...

Very Doodle-y

I enjoyed seeing your "Flash scribblings". Unfortunately, the average Newgrounds user is a complete idiot -- >.> MegamanX-Link. It was short, but again, doodles aren't really long drawn out things. I think you delivered exactly what was promised. It did feel a bit less refined than I would've expected after seeing your Zelda cartoon, but I think if anything were to be spawned from this, it would turn out beautifully. Keep up the good work. And ignore people who can't even construct a coherent insult like MegamanX-Link.

Not bad for doodles

I enjoyed it, very trippy. Good stuff, now I dont have to go buy some acid. Thanks!

I think my heart stopped.

Creepy factor VERY high.

I'll be sure to lay off the doobie when I watch this again.


The shadow-man possessed Mr.Oblivious! Never a good thing, my friends. haha. This was wierd...but not bad. =]