Reviews for "Drip Drip"

Pretty good.I liked it.

Hmm, That's not nice to the guy before me..Whatever. Anyways I thought this was pretty good. I mean COULD be better but eh. It was RANDOM, YAY! Nice sound o.O. Pretty much just strange and cool at the same time.


That was... kinda scary. But my friend likes it. Go figure.


I'm not going to lie... I might just be half retarded, but I didn't really know what was going on in this flash besides an evil spirit taking over a human... erm.. something. Still doesn't take away from the fact of a great flash. Good sound, graphics, yada yada yada... you get the picture. Great job.


dude i was fuken on and dis shit was badass hahaha . . . PRETTY COLORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


Ok i'm not going to lie....

Other then absolutely awesome, it was trippy and kinda scary.

So I will go now to the Tiny Pancakes thread and attach myself to the bottom of the author's comment....sucking for nourishment.