Reviews for "Drip Drip"


Ooooookkkkkk....I like it! it's strange, odd and wierd like me!

Thanks for helping build my collection

<<Added this clip to "Movies Josh Watches When High"

Ambient fluff

I love some ambient/experimental films, but this one just seemed to be flashing colors and below average animation. But, considering it doesn't seem like you put a lot of time into it, it's not horrible, and the music/sounds were kinda creepy/cool.

4 - Shows promise, but falls short

Heh. It might be the music, but...

...that totally seems like it could be the video for some other reality's "Ringu" movie.

Now, will I die in an alternate reality in 7 days? If I do I'm blaming it on you.

I don't understand it...

I don't understand what you're trying to say with this clip!
Colors are good, but the rest is BAD!