Reviews for "Drip Drip"

Very Doodle-y

I enjoyed seeing your "Flash scribblings". Unfortunately, the average Newgrounds user is a complete idiot -- >.> MegamanX-Link. It was short, but again, doodles aren't really long drawn out things. I think you delivered exactly what was promised. It did feel a bit less refined than I would've expected after seeing your Zelda cartoon, but I think if anything were to be spawned from this, it would turn out beautifully. Keep up the good work. And ignore people who can't even construct a coherent insult like MegamanX-Link.


Ever thought of actually making the animation have sense? Scary but the fact of the lack of work and creativity shows that there was no sense at all. 1 indeed.


That was... kinda scary. But my friend likes it. Go figure.

Nice abstract!

I LOVE abstract art! Doodles, scritch-scratch, I love'em. I love frame-by-frames, because I can't DO them!


I absolutely LOVE things that are frame by frame, and the time that must have went into this to make all of that frame by frame is incredible.

I love the music playing in the background that gives you an edgy feeling, and I love the random graphics you put in. It's really eerie. I just wish it had been a little longer, but again, the time it must've taken you to complete this was probably already a good chunk of your time.

You're an incredible, versatile animator, because I also saw your Zelda animation. It's difficult to find an animator that can not only make eerie animations, but also serious and funny ones.