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Reviews for "BlownOutOfProportion:Ep1"


that was fucking hilarious! i give the animation a C, and the comedy an A+


No... words.... Should have sent a poet....

holy f*ck

holy fuck that didnt make any sense
8/10 because i laughed alot, for which i hate myself

I've changed my mind about this series

While at first I didn't really like the second one , I watched it again (the whole thing that time) and i saw the humour is kinda like south park, which is good.
I suppose like South Park you really do need an open mind to sit through the obscene parts.
Good job overall and I am looking forward to a part 3!

BTW, the old man kinda sounds like Cartman.

How do you only have 3 reviews?

While I don't exactly know why, I found this to be fucking hilarious. Half the time I was just laughing in disbelief, but it really had a decent plot and ended in a great ATHF "we can't fix this" cut. I thought all kids were circumsized these days...maybe only in the US.