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Reviews for "Uberkid's Revenge"

lol cool

wow, great graphic, great animation, funny scene, yeah dude you rock

two words: GOD LIKE

dear merciful lord this was just incredible! i have never seen anyone use such flow and timing in animation like you. the art was a little anime like but still. this was just to good to be true! are you sure your human?


That was so hot! Looks like a new chapter of Terminator! Very good drawing! Nene is so sexy :)))))

Extraordinary, Awesome, Great, Perfect Plus!!!

This is the very first animation that let me in shock, is amazing the way all the frame by frame work is captive between the viewer and the action in the movie, wao!!! this is the first time i enjoy that unique style, not even in other pro animation from TV, you are # 1, all 5 given, all 10 overall given, added in my favorites in #1 and I know it will be hard to move it from there. Keep up the super great well done work!!!



It was great and robots need love because it's the only thing that will make them (i guess)whole. also, a 2 in humor because i thought that the furry green guy flirting with Nene was a little funny.