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Reviews for "Uberkid's Revenge"

That was so Fantastic!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!

How on earth did you make such an action packed flash animaion?
That was INCREDIBLE!!!!!!! ive watched it about 8 times now and and i fear i will NEVER get sick of it! Woo Hoo!!!!! Pico and Darnell looked so DAMN AWSOME. they look the uh.....WHO YA GONNA CALL, UBERKID BUTSERS!!!, starring Pico and Darnell, Whatever you do with your life, MAKE MORE AWSOME FIGHT SCENE FLASHES!!!!!!!!!!!!
EXCELLENT WORK, keep it up d O b
double thumbs up!!! \/I\/
/ \

uum was that nene?

wow uber kids/kid had a big change seeing that they were midget lookin football jocks.


I didn't know Darnell could kick ass, awesome.

wow love it!!!!!!!!!!

great swordsmanship,but nene rockz!!!!!!!!!!!


this was the best outta ur works so far, the action and that glimpse of bitey was awesome, keep up the good work!