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Reviews for "Uberkid's Revenge"

The best Pico Flash out of the front pagers.

Goes without saying. The graphics are great and the story is bold. The fighting was well done as well. Really, great job!

frickin awesome

just wanted to say, that i loved the way you turned it into an anime kind of thing. perfect score.

Perfect Flash

Wonderfully Done. 100000/10


That was some of the most epic animation I've seen on the portal. Amazing!

The one low point: Starcraft sound effects for the Uberkid's gun and lazer.

Nice work, deserves to be on the front page

Those graphics lets everybody cry for more(so make more =D).
The sfx, wow, just wow, loved it =).

-simply because its drawn at nearly pro level.
-which drawing style did you apply?

-the fast paced action, but the moves not to cliché and the battle itself not to long, just at the right angles.
-it has a nice rough yet smooth edge to it, i like it.

-you picked paragon's music, thats 10 worth already :p, just kidding =)
-the music fitted the different scenes of battle,
-the SFX is just awesome.

-it's a good fight, not to much gore, but not to little ,just enough to show the wounds and damage.
-oh and btw, if that sword pico used is a broadsword, than he is totally doing the wrong moves -_-, the medieval master moves require a firm stand, powerful controlled moves and proper footwork(my footwork sucks though, and how do i know his moves are wrong?i'm in a sword fighting club myself :p.)

-it isn't a game, but you got a point for the play button :p

-its kinda funny how he keeps getting turned down by nene, the one where bitey steals nene got me laughing :p .

-great piece of work, i loved it and hope there is more to come.

*some advice :p*
Cool moves are nice, they don't have to be the old moves, but it depends on the type of battle, the timespan where the movie plays in etc. (like a knight fighting like an agile ninja, will make you say wtf?)

close shots and eagle views can deepen the result of attacks, moves,expressions and the overall state of environment, using these shots as well as other shots in a good fashion can boost the quality to the maximum. you made good use of this =).

That's all i can think of right now ^^;.

5/5 of course and good luck with your next movies

Your fellow newgrounder, Timdc

ps: i hope the review ain't to long and is helpful