Reviews for "PicoDay: PathwayThroughNG"

PICO FTW!!! ^___^

Dude, this was the best one I've seen yet. Personal favorites on there, including (Duhhh) Pico, Weeble, the monkey, and the 'offing' once more of Strawberry Clock. The 'B' gave it away, as usual. x3

Awesome stuff here! Happy Pico Day!

~Nerix C.

calcoA responds:

Shhhhh... you might ruin it for people who haven't seen it yet...

Haha, thanks for the awesome review!


This is truly the best pico movie ever!!!!
I gave it a 5, without a doubt, because it's soooo original.
I really enjoyed it

calcoA responds:

Thank you very much! We're glad you loved it! :D


pico u hav come to blam my flash

calcoA responds:

Haha, thanks for the review.


this rox

Funniest Pico-Themed flash EVER

Every scene was funny as hell!!!!!!! I espesiacialy loved the one with the egg people. Make another please! So funny!!!