Reviews for "PicoDay: PathwayThroughNG"


i knew all of them exept the one with those guards and the pimpslapping rock. which flash series is that?

calcoA responds:

That would be 'Bad Guys' by Chris Nosal.

Thanks for the review!

loved it

i loved it especially the part were hes an egg and dat part where the robot or watever it is says "hey you orange head guy get out of here before i bitchsmack u!" and sinnce im a blockhead fan i have to say dat part wuz awesome to! well dats it it wuz awesome!

calcoA responds:

Haha, thank you very much!


it must have been very hard for you to imitaite others work great job.

calcoA responds:

Yes it was, thank you very much!

sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeet!

that flas is the longest flash i ever seen and i like it that pico goes through all them flashes and i definetly like the madness anyways sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!

calcoA responds:

Haha, thanks, but its definitley NOt the longest flash on NG.

Xin Session 18(finale) is almost 30 minutes long, and there are others near that length too.


This is truly the best pico movie ever!!!!
I gave it a 5, without a doubt, because it's soooo original.
I really enjoyed it

calcoA responds:

Thank you very much! We're glad you loved it! :D