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Reviews for "Primal War 12"

I thought this was one of the best episodes in the whole series! It was just a lot of fun to see all this action going on. The dialogue wasn't bad, either. You get a true sense of epicness with this cartoon. The animation is as good as ever. The music is also great.

Was this your longest episode? It just seemed to have so much going on. You deserve your Daily Feature. There was definitely a lot of work put into this. It's just great to look at.

The scene with the white gorilla was pretty awesome. Nice job!


Very well drawn characters and background. You sure have excellent frame by frame animating skills. where did you learn to animate like that? I was absolutely impressed by the quality of this flash. I liked how that one guy was getting whipped and you can tell that he was getting angry and all of a sudden a huge fight scene broke lose. That was an excellent idea and you sure know how to ANIMATE! Very nice work!


lol gorilla rocks dumb guard didn't have a chance.


the green lizard girl is the hottest girl beast of all the others