Reviews for "We Wait (SonofKirk)&Bad Man"

A welcome return!

This is EXACTLY why I came to newgrounds a few years ago. BMI Was class then, and you haven't lost your touch. Fantastic to hear. Inspiring stuff. Although most of my stuff is game / tech based you really have something here which every time I hear it makes me want to go out and learn the guitar! Day made. Keep up the good work.

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Awesome. Thanks for the wicked review! And...Welcome back!

More to come.

just a few things

could be different.The way it ends with the riff fading,could have just put 2 or 3 more notes or chords and let it ring.
The title aways reminds me of the lyrics from Dirty Cries "we wait,stuffed martyrs in your skies..."
and there is something I noticed about the lyrics,you sometimes use the first verses in the end.That happened in Prophet Of No Innocence.Or you repeat the chorus like in When The Lights Go Out and Broken.
I've been learning from that,but I was wondering if you just repeated the verses in the end because you wanted to get rid of that part of did you think it would sound good?
I guess it sounds good either way but I was curious about that...
Ahh and there was a song you didn't finish,Mustache Rides.It's been a year now.

Anyways,this song is great,could be heavier,but it's still great.The beguinning of the solo reminded me of.. I don't know,I guess Eye Of The Tiger,there's a riff they repeat a few times that sounds just like the beguinning of this solo.

AHH!!How did he get that sound using guitar rig 4???i use that too and my stuff sounds like crap no matter how I record it!

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Ah thanks for pointing that out, Kup. I didn't even notice. haha. I am my own worst influence it seems.

As for why I do that with the first verse. The reason is two fold. Firstly, like you say a lot of songs use the choruses to ring out. So I like to not fall under that. But secondly, I like to go poetically full circle. It has more umph. To write something that begins, progresses and then goes full circle means it is like a cycle that can't be stopped. That is important to me.

Mustache Rides, yeah, I really have to work on that too. My vocals are falling far behind, as my wife runs a bit of a daycare in our house. No time for vocals on my days off as there is a 1000 children running around or sleeping or something.

Eye of the tiger. LOL.

I don't know how he got that sound out of GR 4, I used to use to use 3 and got a decent sound out of it. But recording with no distortion then applying it later is the best method with guitar rig.

Hopefully that helps. Thanks for the review, Kup!


damn, you guys kick ass. awesome tune, great composition. your vocals fit perfectly. the whole mix sounds great. awesome work, i love it!

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Thanks dude!@!! Glad you dig it, even for a bit less metal than normal!

Love it !

You took my song to another level thanks for that! Really pro sound you got there, the lyrics are great too. I listen to it about 5 times a day, I just can't get tired of it :D. I'm looking forward to working again with you. Thanks for all <3

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

<3. It is always awesome to work with you. I'm sorry I'm slow. Like...shortbus slow...but I really look forward to any projects we do. Thanks dude!


totally covering this

this is f**king epic man

im gonna add some some epic death rawrs too it also

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Looking forward to it man. Glad it fucking inspired you enough. Thanks for the review as always, dude. \m/