Reviews for "p00p adventure n.3"

AD&D???WTF is that 3rd letter?

Very cool game,BIG fan of the p00p series,keep em commin,im feendin for more!!!!!!!!

Oh yeah and that end so was pretty cool too.

pretty good

that was kool. keep it up


Tip: Use tab to cycle throuch your options

Very cool

i love adventure games. the part where you try to go back but the gates come down through the door is really cool

Well worth playing the first two...

this is the best of them.
Unlike previous adventures (if you ask me), the solution to this one relies on you clicking on everything in an attempt to find a way to the end and also split second reaction timing.
For example, there are many pathes to take, but only one works.
And there are a few moments where you have to click an arrow or another button in time to escape danger.