Reviews for "p00p adventure n.3"

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quake. Next on is adbd.

*Fast reviewZ*

HOT SHIT!! Prikedelik youze da man!
It has he fast pumping action like the little action game on stickdeath, but added with the puzzling quest of pOOp adventures. This one is the easiest one to end though, since there is no real puzzle. The big question is : is it an £ or a &?????

This game is so damn much easier than the others.

I had to go to the reviews of #1 to beat it, I still haven't beaten #2, and I beat this one in about five minutes. It's still a cool game, though.

1000th vote :D 5/5

ive played this 8 years ago when i was 6 ;]. ive played just about everything on your site.

Text when stickman dies is "You STUPID!", not "U FAILED!"