Reviews for "p00p adventure n.3"


You know how long i waited for this? IT kicked ass, and you know it. The series is brilliant and your anmation skills are outstanding. Great sounds and now it's easier to die! YAY! It's also not as tricky to complete which is cool. Definatley worth a 5.

Very cool

i love adventure games. the part where you try to go back but the gates come down through the door is really cool


Overall is better than N2. However the reaction time for player in certain scene seems too short. One mistake you will start it over...

Anyway is still a good work. Looking forward for the next advanture.

Great game

wtf is the password at the end of this game? it's like aded or something..


good graphics, even though it may not look like it at first... it's obvious this took some time and skill, good game! password is: quake