Reviews for "p00p adventure n.3"

Great series!

Each episode is interesting. In each game, I had to check out all the options. The sounds are very good; the animation, although stick, are fluid. Contrary to most users' belief, this isn't too difficult ... you just have to know how to search for things. Keep up the good work, PriKedELik!

Still going strong!

Although I missed the "YOU...STUPID!" text and the "Dr. Katz" animation style, I still liked it, especially the "Hop!" sound effect. I'm looking forward to episode #4!

fucking game

The password won't even fucking work. How the hell are you suppose to rate a game by playing it, if you can't even play the damn thing.

its cool.... once i got the password


*Fast reviewZ*

HOT SHIT!! Prikedelik youze da man!
It has he fast pumping action like the little action game on stickdeath, but added with the puzzling quest of pOOp adventures. This one is the easiest one to end though, since there is no real puzzle. The big question is : is it an £ or a &?????