Reviews for "p00p adventure n.3"

yo! this game kicks ass!

dude this game is extreme! vg game!(vg=VERY GOOD,not vidieo game) man i just CANT wait for the 4th!!!!! btw,ehh,about the game,the music at the end,you know,whats the name? i mean i cant find it,plz tell me whats the name of that song!!! "un,do,trois,taradicuta..." man! i cant stop play it!!!!


Tip: Use tab to cycle throuch your options



I loved 'em all!

Awesome! I loved the way you animated it. I already beat them all, of course. Make number four or I'll stomp you!

Much easier

This one is a lot easier then all the other two. But this is still very good. Love the way that there are so many ways to go but only one that won't get you killed. I hope that you make four soon.