Reviews for "Bunnykill 3 Vol.2"

Finaly!! ITS OWSOME!

Dude...i hate you,you made the fans of this series wait 2 years for this...
so i guess i shouldent be whining...Keep up the good job!(and faster this time,would ya'?)


Awesome that you did not split this up into parts.
I liked it and always thought: "Oh come on, please don't stop!" XDXD
I like Animations like Madness Animations where the spectator is always watching from 1 perspective, that makes it much more clear.
And superb Animation also!
Keep it up! ;)

OMG!! that was so good!

I was practically crappin' myself when I saw the fight with that fast guy on the pipes! But he didn't try to rescue Smoke!!!!! NOOOOOOOO!! Yeah, anyways, awesome movie.


why won't bunnykill 4 have nothing to do with this story? by the way the funny part was when one of the enemys suicided. at the end, snowball didnt know that the robot was on the spaceship with him. keep up the good work!

Mottis responds:


Just like Bunnykill 2 had nothing to do with the first one, and the BK3 had nohing to do with the 2nd. I'm sick and tired of futuristic theme, the next bunnykill will be samurai-ninja themed. It would be just silly to try to make up a storyline that would connect a futuristic story to a ninja story now wouldn't it?


just, wow. 10/10 every day