Reviews for "Bunnykill 3 Vol.2"


This flash was great as the series always was..



Eihän sitä voi kuin ihastella kun näkee kerrankin suomalaiset flashin joka ei ole täyttä kuraa. Loistava animointi, yksinkertaiset mutta hienot modelit, huumori ja se, että madness-tyylisessä flashissa on jopa juonta. Ei voi muuta kuin taputtaa.


Mottis responds:

kiitän =)


all that hard work paid off i guess, you made a kickass flash! (again)

State of the art bunny mayhem

Incredible, you've taken the sweetest animals on this earth and turned them into ultra slick, uncompromising killing machines. But done it with so much style its easily forgivable.

The animation was about as smooth as it gets, with the combat scenes impressing the hell outta me. Its not just like the same kill over and over again, every enemy goes out in a different way. There was also emotion and character added to the bunnies (like when they nodded to eachother), making you actually care whether or not they survived.

Keep it up, this is brilliant!!! 10/10 no doubt

Bout time!!!! Great job

I been waiting forever for this 2nd part. Nice ending, but did u kill of Smoke?!