Reviews for "Bunnykill 3 Vol.2"


it would be better if thay using real gun 5/5


This is as cute as it is violent! Awesome. (:
Your artwork progresses very well as each episode comes out
Nicely done!

Awesome job!

I like your style, the animation is very fluid and smooth. This has a neat story to it. Very creative, cool, gory, and fun. Keep up the awesome work :).

this review is for bunny kill 3 vol 1+2

Great animation,Comedic.gorey.and cute bunnies. and is it me or does the giant cyborg thing look like motherbrain from the metroid series once it loses its helmet? anyways great


this one is ok u get better and better but still u are getting away of main story. I mean in part four u overdid it, too many ninja and power stuff. U should make more but please if u make it use less powers, or better dont use them. let the bunnies beat the crap in themselves, in natural way. Oh and one more thing try to make a game, it would be awesome.