Reviews for "Bunnykill 3 Vol.2"

Great Animation!

Darqevil, who cares about realism? If you want realistic, you must have bad taste. No movies/game/music is realistic at all. How does Neo dodge all those bullets? How do four people kill 10,000 well trained men? Do rappers really not give a chainsaw about anything? Stay tuned...

love vid

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So worth it

I remember checking Newgrounds for this second part almost every week during the two year wait.
And I must say, the wait was worth it!
Seeing Snowball in action again was great. Dust's appearance was a surprise to me (though I realise now that this story's plot has nothing to do with the previous bunnykills). But I have to admit, watching Smoke kick some ass was what I looked forward to the most in this. It was a shame he didn't have more screen time in this volume but oh well it was amazing all the same!

very inconsistent, very boring

lots of things to keep me saying "how is he not dead yet" like for instance, the huge mech shoots at him when he's completely defenseless and somehow he completely misses the bunny, of course you want the hero to prevail, but make it at least look like he needs to be resourceful instead of just having the mech miss basically at point blank range. Also the tougher the enemies got the easier it seemed for the heroes to defeat, the sabers were very unoriginal, and left me thinking "how is he slashing multiple bullets away and never getting hit when bullets travel far faster than the time of the reflexes, which would and should have lead him to getting shot." The heroes just kind of walked through a base full of enemies and go through it with no challenge and not a single scratch, this made it very boring and left a lot to be desired.


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