Reviews for "Bunnykill 3 Vol.2"


I love the whole bunnykill series. Whats better than cute little bunnies killing each other? Cute little robotic bunnies killing each other.

Loved it man, please make more!!

You rock!

I love the whole series!!! The fight sare awesome, but i feel sort of bad for smoke. But as Snowball said "The gig is done" Huzzah!


Call me omega.....


i love bunnykill, my favorite is the black rabbit, please say he´s still alive, i mean, he survived last time.
but there is some things i dont understand, how can the brown rabbit be alive when snowball killed him in bunnykill 2 and is the black rabbit one of smoke and dust?
please tell me the next episode will get out soon, i cant wait much longer for violence.

Mottis responds:

The stories of Bunnykill 1, 2 and 3 have NOTHING to do with eachother. Call them different dimensions if you want to. Some of the characters are the same, but their role is completely new in each installment. This is why you see Smoke and Dust alive again, and trust me, you will see all of them again some day.


I saw Bunnykill 3 part 1 the day it came out, and after waiting like, what, two years? My patience has finally payed off with this piece of violent, and comic gold. I like how Snowball seem annoyed at all the Star Wars references (the double-edged light saber, the black bunny having a purple one, etc).

Since you are back, I want to actually thank you. When I first saw BunnyKill 1, I loved the music, and after reading the credits found the band (Turmion Katilot) and they have been my favorite band since. Just figured I would thank you for that.

Mottis responds:


Actually Snowball's frustration was caused by the fact that Smoke had carried a lightsaber with him all this time, but never bothered to use it.(and everyone knows lighsaber>>>>>laser guns) Alltough I do see how one could misunderstand it, it's hard to make the bunnies communicate trough body language only.