Reviews for "Ask Nobodies 5"


God damnit I hate people who spell like that. I get email's and chain letter's from douches who spell like that. I hope you guy's do a revisit to this one and totally rip on it. But thats just Me. As always you guy's are awsome, hope to see more from you guy's!

this was gold!!!

OMG.. that was so "F"in funny .... although im not much of a good speller my self =)


Another fantastic flash by your favourite flash group and mine, Tomorrow's Nobody's! (it was a good time)


that was jokes man i love it man its awsome dude keep it up lol

That name Callum reminds me of someone.

second (secondstamp) Callum Stamp, I'm sure LOL
go check his Megaman VS Bass CP and you'll see the name.
I guess that's why he says "u can jump of a bridge." if you ask for his last name.
coincidence?! ROFL
Anyways guys I'm looking forward to your next Episode.