Reviews for "The Last Stand."

this game entertaining my childhood past since then..this game now one of my favorite flash game in entire last stand series as well.

this is a wonderful classic.

Everyone, Please remember this is an OLD game (Not old but not new its for the early 2000's)
This game is great and I remember when I was 7 and making it to day 5 (bad score ik) but give the Con-Artists some credit due to the actual gameplay and graphics for its time. I see some people saying that its too hard or has bad graphics, well not all games are supposed to be easy, *ahem* Dark Souls *ahem*, anyways I dont want to lecture on and on but just give credit to the creators and dont be a 40 year old yelp reviewer.


you cant get past the second night

Always wish games like these had more detailed/graphic deaths other then just some blood splatter but other then that its a fun game to play.