Reviews for "The Last Stand."

pretty good but the game is very glitchy. I died on the 20th wave (last one) and after I died and retried, I was a corpse that could move around. I couldn't shoot, so the zombies killed me again. I retried again, I was able to be a full body, but I still couldn't shoot. Couldn't switch my weapon either. So I died again. This was annoying as it was the last wave and it was now unplayable. Another issue is that you cant switch weapons when you reload, which defeats the purpose of having a backup weapon. Also, if you die and want to retry, you can't retry searching for weapons, ect., you can only select a new weapon and try again that way. This is troubling because if you wanted to redo your search hours and rebuilding and such, you cant because the game wont let you. Overall though it is pretty fun.

Simple controls and very fun story

Feels like I am revisiting my childhood playing this


cant shoot in corner