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Reviews for "VR Defender Y3k"


could use some more features...but good

Too Hard

Very Steep Learning Curve, Even Higher Than Dwarf Fortress, and this is a flash game, I play it for a shot little game, not learning the ONLY way to win.

Make a Easy Easy mode

this game aint so bad

at first its a struggle but then after a few turrets upgrade and more build you'll make it its really cool


i beat it with 15 icers 5 voids and 3 lightings i moved up from flames to lightings it s a fun game!

Nice TD / Very Enjoyable

Its a Nice TD Game and keps you long on it =D
The difficulty is not to hard, you just need to know How to do it =D (agitionalstress i send you a PM =D )
however it lags (Dont know if its only me)after 6 flame towers and 10 Minigun Towers aswell 5 Ice towers and i got a triple core with a Radeon 4550 HD Card xD
still great game and dosent distract from the fun =D
Once More prof for : Simple Game - High Fun XD
Score : 9/10

PS: Nice Music Chosen
PSĀ²: Sorry For gramatic mistakes =D