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Reviews for "VR Defender Y3k"


it took me forever to get the last enemy killed good tactic is to use flames and freeze


I used nothing but flamethrowers dude good game is can get addicting

okay..i guess

look, it was an alright game, not the best, and not the worst. and just to clear something up, i hate the way that some retard has gone through and made all the reviews that said it was bad "useless" and all the ones that called it good as "helpful", especially when the 'bad' reviews made suggestions and the 'good' ones were just useless bullshit like "awesome game".

back to the game: im not too fussed what the creeps look like, my main problem is that the game is just kinda boring. Also, the background is crap, seriously man, put some effort in, dont just search "cool space picture" on google and take the first picture that comes up.

i liked how there were different towers, which either did splash damage, or did lots of damage to a single unit at a time. but there wasn't any variation in creeps apart from increase in health (e.g. something like flying creeps which could only be attacked by certain towers, or fast creeps, or some kind of boss).

it was cool that you had a few variations on the maze, but i personally like making my own maze (games such as desktop defender are the perfect example, where you use the towers to make the maze, instead of building towers around a set path).

i like to give a proper review, so i played this game out, and a major problem i found was that the game just lags Epically when you have more than about 20 towers and there are more than 20 creeps in the maze at once, this will usually only happen after about level 40, by which time the game has become (like most tower defense games) mindless and repetitive, which i only really played to get the highest upgrade possible for the most expensive tower.

overall, not a bad game, good for about an hour of time to kill.

awesome game

this game is viral at school and it is awesome.


I didn't enjoy it. The music was bad, the enemies were little circles, and the graphics just sucked. Maybe if you made actual enemies, it would be better. I know they are viruses, but you could at least make them look better. Instead of a space background, maybe make it a circuit board, since they are trying to reach your computer. Do these, I think it would be a lot better. Still, a good time waster.