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Reviews for "VR Defender Y3k"

Way too fucking hard. Be ashamed of yourself.

I made it to level 43 on easy...damn, your cruel. Not fun enough to try again.

The Best

The best timekiller when your bored, atleast for me when I am bored at school well yk :)

old times

it been long since ive played hope it is the same old same old :))))))))))))))

Level 45

8/10 because this game is pretty hard, though it doesn't help that I'm running it on a slow machine...Anyway, I like the current array of towers, the level upgrades to level 5, and the selection of maps. If you plan a sequel, I'd say give 30 sec between rounds, a few more tower types, or maybe traps, and possibly re-balance the enemy's strength, especially at higher levels.

Eh. Fair.

Graphics aren't really neccessary, kind of just a slight advantage of other games, but gameplay is the primary component, and this really doesn't lack any... that said, it's not really anything to boast about, either. It's a fair game, and I can tell you actually put some time into making it... Either way, I can't make games, so who am I to judge? Aside from that, I would like to agree with cvcd on the 'useless' or 'helpful' thing. Yeah, that's about it.