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Reviews for "VR Defender Y3k"

Great TD

I beat everything except impossible :)
Not giving away any secrets though...

Great TD game, the tower choices were easy to manage. They put the damage, rate of fire, and range into numbers well.

It started to lag in the later levels, especially with a lot of flamethrowers... also there seemed to be only one way to really do well, meaning I didn't use all the towers unfortunately.

In all a great game

Best game on NG

I always play this when I'm bored. It's awsome !!
Got to wave 45 in easy.
What is your score?

it sucks

this is boring as hell seriously

Very fun

Dont be decieved by the simple graphics, this is a very good TD game. It has a lot of strategy without being too complicated. Hint: ice towers are a must. The only way i know how to beat this game is to make tons of ice towers (with a few electric bolt ones for good measure). With enough ice towers the enemies dont even move. Another hint: dont let the last white octagon boss leak. Even with full health he kills you. This is a very disapointing way to lose :/ Hint #3: I only build two gun towers at the start and upgrade one of them once and the other twice. Then I save up for a fire tower. I upgrade that a few times, and then start buying ice / lightening towers (this should help anyone who keeps losing get off to a good start).


THIS IS ONE IF NOT THE BEST DEFENSE GAME! I love this game I play it alot when bored... this and Storm the house 2 r the best defense games! I would love to see a second one that has more upgrades health pack or something to resore health... and maybe a virus blocker thing that makes them do less damage...