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Reviews for "VR Defender Y3k"

Love it.

I love this game. It's certainly a classic tower defense game.

I like how this gets you to think of a strategy to implement rather than put down whatever you can afford or put down lots of random turrets. Certainly something that gets your brain moving.

Although the graphics leave something to be desired, I rather like the simplistic look. As I'd rather have something that looks simple and plays great. Than something that looks amazing and plays badly.



I can't get past level 36 on hard or 47 on easy. Very Challenging. Impossible setting is nuts. haha.

Great game!

This is a great tower defense; it's straight forward and doesn't require any time to learn which towers are the best. For a game that looks simple, it can get surprisingly difficult - so it's perfect for people who aren't looking for a walk in the park!

The only things that I would have to pick on is how laggy the game can get when you're playing it on a browser; even if I set the graphics to low, it seems poorly optimized. Also the scroll bars in the options menu sometimes don't lock in place, but that's more of a bug than anything.

Aside from those issues, this is one of the best games I've played on the site. I definitely recommend that anyone who enjoys these kinds of games to try this at least once!

very cool preloader

the game was also very cool but it could be better


It's nice to see a tower defense game that actually makes you use a strategy other than "MACHINE GUN TOWER ALL THE THINGS!"