Reviews for "Ancient Forest Guardian"

I think the dried out ground he is standing it gives it a better setting then water, if you ask me.

Always love to see an illustration in your style, I can come up with so many interpretations.
Like: Who is the guardian?The big guy or the little female with the birds on her horns? Or is that like a child of the big one? Are they changing guardian duty? Are they a danger to one another?

Short version: I just like your drawings

ThePsychoSheep responds:

Thanks mate!Really grateful for the words.The little dude is actually a guy and this drawing along with others is part of a project I'm working on which is sadly taking forever :(

Trust me, compared to most eople, (myself included) you did a good job with the water. Awsome pick man.

Beautiful concept, absolutely love the darkened beige grey palette. Fantastic line work as well!

Love the style of it, great stuff

This is how dark souls works.