Reviews for "Ancient Forest Guardian"

Beautiful concept, absolutely love the darkened beige grey palette. Fantastic line work as well!

Trust me, compared to most eople, (myself included) you did a good job with the water. Awsome pick man.

I'd like to give ya advice on water, but I'm an amateur at best. But it still looks great!

I guess your art block is over? :D

ThePsychoSheep responds:

It was over the moment I submitted the "Tribal Bunnies" artwork but then I had some things to catch up with so I had to put a lil' break from art again.

I think the dried out ground he is standing it gives it a better setting then water, if you ask me.

Always love to see an illustration in your style, I can come up with so many interpretations.
Like: Who is the guardian?The big guy or the little female with the birds on her horns? Or is that like a child of the big one? Are they changing guardian duty? Are they a danger to one another?

Short version: I just like your drawings

ThePsychoSheep responds:

Thanks mate!Really grateful for the words.The little dude is actually a guy and this drawing along with others is part of a project I'm working on which is sadly taking forever :(