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Reviews for "Agnry Faic"

Nice new game...

When I heard the concept I was Like "Puhuu! How easy" then I got to playing and it is so fun and addictive. Its nice to see the combos to, that added fun to the game, changing colours like crazy to keep your combo going. Overall awesome game, the only thing I can see that could be added is a point recorder (tells you points not just target and when your combo runs out how much you got for it)


Very reminiscent of Indestructank, except a bit MORE entertaining! The whole concept of color-changing and stuff made this game have a degree of difficulty that was acceptably hard and not mind-numbingly easy.

Quite awesome. The best game I've seen today. ^_^


Alot like indestrotank but with 2.0 graphics, keep up da gud wrk!