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Reviews for "Agnry Faic"

That was awesome.

An awesome game showing one of the best faces on the Newgrounds BBS.

The graphics were awesome, and I like how when the face went up, the small faces looked at it. Pretty neat stuff.

Music was pretty cool, too. Went good with the game.

And the explosions were pretty cool as well. With the different colored faces, it looked liek fireworks. Awesome game.

You did good on this, let's see more like this from you. :]

Simple and addictive!

Just a flat out great time waster! Very simple and fun! I liked the simplisity of the graphics.

Fun.. liked it!

Sweet game, I especially liked the music and sounds.. they didn't really get repetitive through the game.

Maybe adding some different things would make it a bit more interesting.. but it's still sweet. You should get it on the game sites. Lord knows there's plenty of worse games on those.

Not that yours is bad :)


I got to about level 5 but then I lost interest. Wasn't a bad game though.


I love the Angry FAIC!

I love this game so much fun very fast passed and addicting. Seems to be a lot like the indestructo tank. Still i find this game to actually be better.

It has the Angry Faic. It's fast paced and challenging. Addicting. Doesn't shame angry faices.

Seems to be a lot like Indestructotank but with a different mechanic i mean it's still fun but Indestrucotank was just really unique and this was a rip off though i don like how you included lots of your own ideas.

Bottom line:
Fun game addictive and get's harder as go on. Though it sort of is a rip off of Indestructotank this game still puts it's intuitiveness inside.