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Reviews for "Agnry Faic"

Really good game

So this was a good game and I love how it was built off such a simple idea and made to flow so well and bring in lots of fun to the idea and that's what I took away from this very fun very intense and just a great game all the way around so nice work make more soon


extremely addictive game with smooth, comfortable controls!

Dang, you made a good game with such a simple premise! I'm especially impressed at how you changed colors like that. It was easy to get used to, but it was so creative. The music's great too. I think my highest combo was 13. I didn't even realize the color change at first.

I should have known that would be too easy. It's still very fun. I like seeing the Agnry Faic pop up everywhere. He should destroy stuff! It's a game that you can just play forever, granted you're good at it.

Very nice game. If it could be a tiny bit easier then I'd give 5 stars

I really enjoyed my time with the game. Controls were a bit floaty, and it was difficult to get used to the falling speed, but eventually I was able to get pretty far. It is a decent game, and the face is iconic (seen in many other games/animations). The game kept me interested enough to play up until the F stage (I couldn't get past it). This took me around an hour and a half. The core gameplay mechanic is pretty simple, albeit unique, and that is the reason I rate this so highly.