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Reviews for "Stunt Dirt Bike"

ummm little things just to say ..

little things to throw out ..

umm . let me start off with its a great game..
the maps are tricky but fair. ( i like ridin over the cow ) =p

what i dont get is why do the dirtbikes go threw the obstacles and the atv's dont.
i just wana kno.. if u can answer me message me at hunterbarnart@Yahoo.com thank you


kool !!!!!!

beat it

beat game in 19min

yeah..... no.

lvl 5 keeps screwing up at the trailer. i reopened game and everything keeps screwing up. fix plz

best game of its type

this is the best game of this type that i have ever played, its fun and interesting, there was one problem that i discovered tho, i was jumping form a bus to a bus stop and it kept killing me, even if i made the jump, just thawt id let u no,