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Reviews for "Stunt Dirt Bike"


Could be alot better if it didnt claim everything you did as a crash.

not too good

no matter what you do, there is a part on one of the levels where the tires get stuck. if that glitch could be fixed, then I might enjoy this game better.


I liked the controls and the levels they where hard but not to hard so i gave this one a
7/10 because I died for no reason at lest 3 times through out 12 levels and I was not happy but rather than that I Loved the game it is good but not extremely good or anything.When playing this game don't go to fast and don't go to slow I hope to
see a second game of this.I hope that helps you.


Stunt Dirt Bike? I could rarely do a backflip.. It's nearly impossible to do tricks.

well planned & executed

well I THINK stunt dirt bike displays a wonderful execution of the laws of physics but some things are not all that realistic like crashing in one touch so it should be fixed.